Dream Theater - Дискография (1986-2016)
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  • Тип релиза:Дискография
  • Стиль:Progressive Metal
  • Дата добавления:19.01.2022
  • Формат данных:[FLAC] Lossless
  • Размер:60.8 GB
  • Раздел:Дискографии / FLAC / Hi-Res
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Краткая информация:
  • Релиз: Дискография
  • Артист: Dream Theater
  • Годы: 1986-2016
  • Регион: Соединённые Штаты
  • Качество: FLAC (image+.cue)
Список файлов:
1989-When Dream And Day Unite
1992-Images And Words
1997-Falling Into Infinity
1999-Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes From A Memory
2002-Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
2003-Train Of Thought
2007-Systematic Chaos
2008-Greatest Hit
2009-Black Clouds & Silver Linings
2011-A Dramatic Turn Of Events
2013-Dream Theater
2016-The Astonishing
Live Albums
1993-Live At The Marquee
1998-Once In A Livetime
2001-Live Scenes From New York
2004-Live At Budokan
2008-Chaos In Motion
2013-Live At Luna Park
2014-Breaking The Fourth Wall - Live From The Boston Opera House
1992-Pull Me Under
1992-Take The Time
1993-Another Day
1994-Caught In A Web
1994-Silent Man
1995-A Change Of Seasons
1997-Burning My Soul
1997-Hollow Years
2000-Through Her Eyes
2003-As I Am
2007-Constant Motion
2009-A Rite Of Passage
1996-Christmas CD
1997-The Making Of Falling Into Infinity
1998-Live Bonus Tracks
1998-Once In A Livetime Outtakes
1998-Trial Of Singles
1999-Cleaning Out The Closet
2000-Scenes From A World Tour
2001-Four Degrees Of Radio Edits
2002-Taste The Memories
2002-The Atco Demos
2003-Graspop Festival 2002
2003-Stream Of Consciousness
2004-A Sort Of Homecoming
2007-Images And Words 15th Anniversary Performance
2007-Lifting Shadow (Companion CD)
2009-Progressive Nation 2008
2013-Happy Holidays 2013
Official Bootlegs
2003-Los Angeles, California 5-18-98
2003-Majesty Demos 1985-1986
2003-The Making Of Scenes From A Memory
2004-Master Of Puppets
2004-Tokyo, Japan 10-28-95
2004-When Dream And Day Unite Demos 1987-1989
2005-Images And Words Demos 1989-1991
2005-The Number Of The Beast
2005-When Dream And Day Reunite
2006-Awake Demos 1994
2006-Dark Side Of The Moon
2006-Old Bridge, New Jersey 12-14-96
2007-Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997
2007-Made In Japan
2007-New York City 3-4-93
2009-The Making Of Falling Into Infinity
2009-Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos
2009-Uncovered 2003-2005
1986-No Sleep Since Brooklyn - Instru Mental III
1987-Instru Mental
1992-Instru Mental II
1993-Classic Live
1995-When Dream And Today Unite
1996-Guitar Talkin'
1998-The Lost Paris Tapes
2002-Forbidden Dreams
2002-Master Of Metallica
2004-The Covers
2004-The Covers 2
2015-Dying To Live Forever
2016-Another Day In Tokyo
2016-Metropolis Part 1... Live (Summerfest Milwaukee June '93)
2016-Summerfest Milwaukee June 29th, 1993
Описание раздачи
Дискография получивший имя "Дискография" и исполнившей его группы Dream Theater можете скачать на speedtorrent торрентом бесплатно и регистрации в FLAC (image+.cue) качестве. Данная раздача является стандартной версией Дискография. Релиз записан в жанре Progressive Metal. Понравился альбом? оцени и поделись со своими друзьями в социальных сетях.
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